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Angelique Sharpe

Angelique Sharpe, youth motivational coach

Youth Motivational Coach

Leading | And | Developing | Youth

Angelique's Speaking Style

.:: Experiences & Empathy ::.

I establish my primary connection with youth by empathizing with them and some of the issues that they are and will be facing by sharing stories about my experiences. I have enjoyed some mighty high’s and endured some of the deepest lows, but each time I picked myself back up, and overcame adversity. I share a message that inspires and empowers the youth to be better people today than they were yesterday, and a better person tomorrow than they are today. My stories are inspiring and they help youth start to think about the life they want to live as they grow up, and tips on ways they can begin to take their first steps in coming of age.

.:: Humor & Language ::.

American poet, Carl Sandburg once said “At the Back of Every mistaken venture and defeat is the laughter of wisdom, if you listen.” Although, I deliver a message that focuses on taking life serious as we make choices, I also encourage them to enjoy what life has to offer by living, loving, and laughing. Everything in life isn’t a joke, but being able to reflect and look back and laugh at how immature we were in some days of our lives and sharing it is very instrumental in bringing forth positive change in youth. Also, being able to understand youth and the language they use to communicate is important in understanding them. I deliver to youth, a thought provoking, and action-based message that encourages them to make wise choices in life. Cracking a few jokes to lighten their spirits, sets the tone for a comfortable social learning environment. I do everything in my power to communicate with them in a way where they get a clear understanding, and equip them with community resources to support their decisions.

.:: Lessons & Revival ::.

As an Educator, it is important to deliver messages that include lessons that the youths can take with them and ignite the change within them that will encourage their own self-advocacy as they transition into adulthood. I talk with young people directly, and ask questions that address their challenges. I strive to offer them tips and guidance that allow them to move forward with positive direction. I am their Motivational coach, and my job is to help them realize their potential and understand how the world works. I want them to make the final decision, not me. My greatest satisfaction is knowing that they have the skills and knowledge to make proud choices and avoid risky situations that can alter their life goals. I want to be a working force within their lives to help them make their own, responsible decisions. I want to see all youth become their highest possible selves!!!

Past Topics have included but are not limited to:

  • Abstinence Education & Refusal Skills
  • Teen Pregnancy, HIV, & STI Prevention
  • Self image/self esteem & attitude
  • AODA
  • College preparation
  • Racism & sexism in videos
  • Budgeting
  • Financial aid
  • Choices & Consequences
  • Respectful behavior
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Writing, Interviewing, and resume workshops
  • Truancy & Academics
  • Career life skills
  • Communication
  • Healthy relationships
  • Proper attire
  • The Universal Law of Respect
  • Respecting Your Caregivers
  • Goal setting
  • Cultural diversity
  • Black History Month
  • Wellness (Healthy living, eating etc)

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Former Speaking Locations Have Included: Transition High School, Community High School, Montessori High School, Shalom High School, St. Roses Youth & Family Center, Our Next Generation Inc, Parklawn and Northside YMCA, Milwaukee Academy, Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, Custer High School, Riverside High School, Germantown High School, Gear-Up, College Readiness 21, St. Mark A.M.E. Church Youth Dept, Burrough’s CLC, West-Side Academy II, Francis Starms, Lad Lake/Synergy High School, Career Youth Development High School (CYD), Project Stay High School, Alliance High School, Project Excel High School, and Northwest High School.

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