L.A.D.Y. Inc University Educational Consulting

Who We Are

We are Innovative Educational Consultants who specialize in developing creative ways for everyone to learn!

L.A.D.Y. Inc University Consultants specialize in Educational Programming Development for Youth and Young adults. We provide services for individuals, businesses, community based organizations, faith based organizations, and Child & Youth care facilities by creating and developing high quality educational offerings to the communities which they serve. Whether you are new or grass roots organization looking to design new programs or a historic organization seeking to revamp old youth and young adult programs, we can help you design and bring them up to current standards! We also provide all staff trainings to help state licensed facilities stay current with their contractual commitments.

Services Provided

We have diligently put together a comprehensive list of services that we can provide. Of course there is not room enough to list all of the things that we can do, so if you have a need that is not listed, please email us at: info@ladyincuniversity.com. We may be able to customize a package according to your specific needs.

List of Services

Fees & Prices

Customized business / non-profit development & planning Prices negotiable
    Business start up kit
    Website consultation
    Marketing consultation
    Networking consultation
    Fundraising consultation
Youth activity schedules and lesson plans
    Weekly lesson plans $50
    Monthly lesson plans $300
    Design 4-6 week youth workshop series
    (Activities less than 3 hours per week)
    Youth program design (model) $50* per hour
Job / career / college planning & assistance
    Job / career mapping consultation -
    completes with a professional development plan (PDP)
$50 per 2 hours
    College program research & recommendations (up to 5 schools) $50
    College application (per school) $35
    Financial aid application assistance $30
    Powerhour 4.0 in college seminar $30
    Cover letter only $20
    Basic professional resume (updated) $30
    Basic professional resume (created) cover letter included $40
    Professional resume created (3-5 years of experience) cover
    letter, and professional references sheet included
    Professional reference sheet only $10
    Typing services $10 per page
    Spelling & grammar editing services (up to 15 pages) $10 per page

* = standard prices. Costs may be higher depending on how comprehensive. Standard Rates Listed, Most Prices Negotiable

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at (414) 688-LADY (5239) or use the form below.


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