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And The Children Shall Lead Them"

- Isaiah 11:6

L.A.D.Y. Inc University Youth Foundation (LYF)

The L.A.D.Y. Inc University Youth Foundation is guided by the fact that today’s young people are beginning to face more adult situations than ever before. These struggles are not retricted to one particular group of youth. In fact, it affects million of youth both domestic and abroad. As always, there are a myriad of challenges that affect their growth, development, and ability to thrive. Therefore, LYF focuses on supporting programs that educate youth, engages parents, and empowers communities. We know that there is no single organization, or funding source that will solve all problems that affect our young people, so we strive to build partnerships, and life-long relationships among investors and stakeholders who have committed to their overall well-being and future. We believe that only through a model that fosters unity and togetherness will we be able to make a significant and long lasting impact that will enhance the lives of our young people for generations to come. As we understand things, it truly takes a community to raise a child, and we are always looking to support organizations, programs, and events that display the importance of collaboration and putting the needs of Children & Youth before their payrolls.


  • Youth Program Sponsorships
  • Youth Scholarship Opportunities
  • Youth Contests

Currently supporting:

  • Teenage Parents & Their Children through our Partnership with the L.A.D.Y. Inc Making a Change Station
  • Accepting Letters of Inquiry for funding support
  • Programs that connect American Children and Youth in schools and youth programs abroad.


L.A.D.Y. Inc. University Child & Youth Care Scholarship Winner 2013



We are pleased to announce the recipient of the L.A.D.Y. Inc. University Child & Youth Care Educational Scholarship for 2013. The winner of the Educational Award goes to Miss Kiara Griffin! Only one student is selected each year to receive this unique opportunity to study in a customized training program as a Child & Youth Care Professional under Wisconsin's Top Child & Youth Care Trainers, as recognized by the Wisconsin Registry. The winner receives subsidized housing, a monthly living stipend, supervised training in Child & Youth Work, and a paid internship in the L.A.D.Y. Inc. University Child & Youth Education Center! Congratulations Miss Griffin!


Congratulations Miss Griffin, We are excited, and welcome you with open arms to L.A.D.Y. Inc. University, where we



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